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MITSUGIRLY lets the BREEZE flow through her hair-Spring Break Review/Pictorial

Day 7 March 31: St Maarten



We decided to head to Little Divi Bay for our day in St Maarten from suggestions of people here on the boards. It looked and sounded perfect to us and I really liked that it was so close to port, providing us with a longer stay there if we liked it.


I woke up around 6:30am HA! Up before I heard any.....nevermind, there was clanging and that's probably what woke me up and I just didn't realize it because about 2 minutes later, my alarm was going off....which of course meant that I didn't actually wake up due to the alarm. Sigh


Woke the family up and we headed to breakfast. For some reason I made a note that only 2 sides were open at the buffet "Oh great". Now, I would think that 2 sides being open would be a good thing right? So I have no idea what I meant by that and it must have not been all of the buffet? I'm making a note to myself to take better notes next time.

P3300986 copy.jpg

There were plenty of seats in the buffet area this time, so I guess that was a good thing.


This lady was walking around offering to refill your drinks. I thought that was a nice added touch for Carnival to do. I know NCL sometimes does things like this.

P3300988 copy.jpg

We started docking at 7:15am but couldn't get off the ship yet.


....And then look who pulls in...her majesty herself...the Allure. Man she is massive. I.WILL.SAIL.HER.SOME.DAY!!

P3300990 copy.jpg

She started "backing up" and people around us were making comments like "You know that's one bad-a§§ captain when you can take a ship that size and just "backer-in" like it was nothing.


As soon as she moved, this appeared.

P3300993 copy.jpg

Wow, now THAT'S what you call an entrance! Well done Allure.

P3300995 copy.jpg
P3301002 copy.jpg
P3300996 copy.jpg

We were able to get off the ship at 8am and we headed toward the taxi stand.

P3301004 copy.jpg
P3301008 copy.jpg
IMG_3990 copy.jpg
P3301009 copy.jpg
P3301007 copy.jpg
P3301010 copy.jpg

The taxi stand:

P3301012 copy.jpg
P3301011 copy.jpg

The cost to get to Little Divi Bay was $5pp. We hopped in and we were on our way.

P3301014 copy.jpg

Well, it looks like Celebrity made it to the dock as well.

P3301015 copy.jpg

It was an 8 minute drive to Divi Bay according to my pictures and watch. Not bad at all.

P3301016 copy.jpg

The cab lady that was driving us was NOT friendly at all and was really snotty with her replies and remarks. She obviously rolled out of bed on the wrong side...well guess what, I rolled out of bed to clanging pots and pans being throw at my ceiling and I wasn't rude, so there's no excuse for the way you are talking to people and the "attitude". I guess that caused you your tip money. Here's $15 and I hope you aren't the one to pick us up. Good day. I seriously hate rude people, especially if you job is customer service.

P3301017 copy.jpg
P3301018 copy.jpg

Now this looked like a nice resort.

P3301019 copy.jpg
P3301020 copy.jpg
P3301021 copy.jpg

This was the reception desk area where you check-in. I love how it was all open like this but always wonder what happens when a hurricane comes?

P3301022 copy.jpg

We headed up to the lady at the desk and told her we were here from the cruise ship to spend the day and wanted to rent chairs and an umbrella. She told us to head on out to the beach and one of the chair guys would be around.

P3301023 copy.jpg

It was a little cloudy off and on and I was really unsure of what type of day this was going to be. I had hoped that it would clear up and little and the sun would come out. But it was still pretty early.

P3301025 copy.jpg
P3301024 copy.jpg

We found some chairs and had a seat.

IMG_3993 copy.jpg

The guys were going around putting out the chairs and arranging them along the beach. They looked at us but never came over.

P3301027 copy.jpg

There was hardly anyone out on the beach. I guess maybe because it was a resort and if I was staying here, I would still be asleep. I liked how they had the chairs spread so far apart. I always hate when they have chairs piled up on top of each other and you can't have a conversation without the neighbors hearing everything.

P3301038 copy.jpg
P3301036 copy.jpg
P3301037 copy.jpg
P3301048 copy.jpg

Like always, Sakari couldn't wait to head to the water. I told her not with the mermaid tail yet. I needed to check out the water first and I couldn't do that yet because I was waiting on the "beach boys" to come around.

P3301028 copy.jpg
P3301029 copy.jpg

This place had some waves too, but not too bad. I was really worried about the waves because I know this place is on the same side as Maho Beach and the waves there are insane most of the time. I was pleasantly surprised.

P3301031 copy.jpg
P3301032 copy.jpg
P3301034 copy.jpg

After the beach boys were almost done with the chairs, I tracked one down and told him I wanted to pay for our chairs. He took our money and politely ask us if we cared to move down to the other side. I guess the side we were on belonged to the guest there at the hotel. So, no problem. We gathered our bags and moved to the other side of the volleyball net, which wasn't far at all. We were the only ones here so far.


Once we were settled in, I would head out to the water with Sakari and check things out.


Then of course this happened...

P3301039 copy.jpg
P3301041 copy.jpg

Morphing Mermaid Sakari time.

IMG_3992 copy.jpg

She always strikes a pose. I don't know where she gets this bent legs holding onto your tail pose at. Maybe they do this in a movie she watches? I have no clue. She does it all the time and especially when she's getting her picture taken.

P3301043 copy.jpg

Sakari pops up out of the water and says "Mommy, you have to go all the way in and go under. It's so pretty under the water!" Ok, the sun is not shining and I have been inching my way in for the last 20 minutes, but because I know you have such an appreciation for the water, I will go all the way in to see what you are talking about.


The water was really clear and with the waves rolling in and out, it made a ripple look on the ocean floor. Within the sand, you could see tiny shells and they glowed like little stars in the sky...only in the ocean.

P3301051 copy.jpg
P3301054 copy.jpg

Now like I said, the water was very clear, however with this really fine soft sand, it was the type that the minute you put your feet down, it created a "sand cloud" and fogged everything up.

P3301053 copy.jpg
P3301055 copy.jpg
P3301060 copy.jpg

The only fish we would see here today were a few Palometa fish following us and weaving in between our legs during the day.

P3301068 copy.jpg

Sakari and I stayed out in the water playing for quite some time.

P3301069 copy.jpg

My bubble maker

P3301062 copy.jpg

All of a sudden, Sakari goes out of the water and I ask her what she is doing. She said "I'm taking my mermaid tail off for now and taking a break." LOL Um ok, never heard this child ever say she needed a break before.

P3301074 copy.jpg

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to take a walk and look around. I headed down the beach.

P3301046 copy.jpg
P3301047 copy.jpg

I discovered the Tiki Hut Snorkeling Park out in the water. I know this is the place that everyone said the snorkeling was. There's just no way I'm willing to swim that far at this time. I'm overweight and out of shape at the moment and I won't do it alone. Since Kendra didn't come this time, I'll have to pass. It looked a little too far for me.

P3301045 copy.jpg

There were plenty of boats out there so there must have been some good snorkeling.

P3301077 copy.jpg

There was free internet here so the hubby was checking in on his work. Just ask the beach boys for the password and it worked decent on the beach.

P3301080 copy.jpg

Sakari was back at it again swimming, but without her tail this time. Ok, I'm game.

P3301086 copy.jpg
P3301089 copy.jpg

We look up and look who decided to get in the water. That little sneak.

P3301091 copy.jpg
P3301103 copy.jpg
P3301093 copy.jpg

Snorkel buddies, only there wasn't any snorkeling today. That makes strike 4 for me this cruise.

P3301095 copy.jpg

I noticed this and thought...Oh my gosh, there's going to be a wedding today!  The dresses were hung on their balcony. (I would like to make great as my camera is with pictures, it completely SUCKS at any picture you take that is zoomed in. It does not, no matter what setting you do, take good pictures of any kind when you zoom. I always have a tendency to forget this...until I get home and see the blur).

P3301092 copy.jpg
P3301114 copy.jpg
P3301111 copy.jpg

So off exploring. I headed down to the edge toward the left (if standing at the water and facing the resort). You could tell where the resort ended and another started from the rocks.

P3301121 copy.jpg
P3301122 copy.jpg
P3301123 copy.jpg
P3301136 copy.jpg
P3301132 copy.jpg
P3301127 copy.jpg

This was the resort next door.

P3301126 copy.jpg

The hubby was wondering about the jet skis and I found this station...with no one working there. But yet we would see people out on the water with jet skis. This building was in between the two resorts, so I'm not really sure which resort it belonged to.

P3301134 copy.jpg
P3301143 copy.jpg
P3301141 copy.jpg
P3301142 copy.jpg
P3301144 copy.jpg
P3301145 copy.jpg

I did see plenty of people out on the banana boat.

P3301146 copy.jpg

The workers down on this end repairing/remodeling the building.

P3301140 copy.jpg

It looks like everything is all set up for the wedding now.

P3301112 copy.jpg

Walking down toward the other end

P3301148 copy.jpg

Ah ha! I found the rental place, which I assume is for the Divi Bay Resort. That explains the jet skis and banana boats.

P3301150 copy.jpg


P3301153 copy.jpg
P3301151 copy.jpg
P3301152 copy.jpg
P3301154 copy.jpg
P3301149 copy.jpg
P3301155 copy.jpg
P3301156 copy.jpg
P3301158 copy.jpg
P3301157 copy.jpg
P3301109 copy.jpg
P3301160 copy.jpg

By the time I got back to our real estate, the wedding was taking place.

P3311167 copy.jpg

We were starting to get hungry and I gave some money to the hubby and told him to go get some food. I had researched the price of the food prior to going and knew what to expect. The hubby came back with a menu and it was a little different than what I had found online.

P3311162 copy.jpg
P3311164 copy.jpg
P3311163 copy.jpg
P3311165 copy.jpg
P3311166 copy.jpg

One thing I did find weird is that they didn't have anyone running up and down the beach taking orders for drinks or food. You had to walk up to the restaurant to get your own (which is fine with me, but I don't think I have ever seen that before). Of course there wasn't vendors walking up and down the beach trying to get you to buy their homemade junk from china on the beach either, which was super nice.


(So the only beach we had vendors at was St Kitts at Reggae and it was a guy that was trying to sell his homemade CD's of either steel drums or reggae music. The hubby kept telling him "You have ask me 3x's already, asking again is not going to change my mind". The guy informed him that sometimes it does. So we got to talking to him and ask just how many people still buy cd's when most people use ipad's/ipods with ear buds these days and also you can download your own music from the internet and burn it on to a cd. I know a lot of cars these days also can't play a homemade cd if it's a factory radio. The guy said on a good day, he makes about $200. I just can't imagine buying a cd that someone else has burned from songs that are free on the internet and you can do it yourself.)


While the hubby was up at "Gizmo's" ordering food and waiting on it, Sakari and I were swimming. I noticed twice now that whenever I went swimming, more and more people were coming (the sun had come out and was shining full force by 10am) and they kept moving the chairs closer and closer together. The last time the attendant had taken my chair, moved it over so far, up against the people to my left, that it drug our bag under the chair, tipped over the hubby's shoes and got sand in them, and knocked over my open pop sitting inside the cooler staying cold. Then he squeezed in 2 more chairs right up against ours. Sigh. Now that's what I hate. I can stand for the chairs to be tight like that. It kinda ruins it for me. We had a small space in between us that we kept our bags and now there was no longer that small space either.


The hubby came back carrying all the food and I told him that I wanted to find a table and chairs to sit at. The sand was scorching hot and we didn't have our shoes on because sand was all over our feet from swimming. We looked like we were playing hopscotch on the sand going from shade spot to shade spot and at one point the only shade spot before the next spot was the shade from someone's chair...."Well hello there! Just passing by and using your shade spot for a moment" I thought I had always heard that sand in the caribbean doesn't get hot like it does in "normal" places. That was not the case here!


All the chairs in the shade were taken of course.

P3311175 copy.jpg

Then all the chairs in the sun were open...but would you look at these chairs? They are all metal. Metal sitting in the sun is a no-no! Who thought of this idea???

We did find chairs that surrounded a building (which I think might have been another restaurant, but there wasn't anyone in there) and decided to head up the steps to find a table.

P3311176 copy.jpg
P3311171 copy.jpg

This cheeseburger was massive! Like I think they gave it steroids. I couldn't believe how big it was and it was yummy. My meal was supposed to come with fries and coleslaw. There was no coleslaw. Although I was disappointed (and so was Sakari because she loves coleslaw) there was so much food that I didn't bother going to ask for it. The fries were cooked perfect and were crispy.

P3311169 copy.jpg
P3311170 copy.jpg

Our view from the table.

P3311177 copy.jpg

The person at Gizmo's told the hubby that it was much cheaper to go buy drinks from their "store" within the building. The hubby went around the corner to get them and they were the throw away bottles and he got 3 of them for $4.50.


Sakari was having a good time.  Daddy is always making her laugh

P3311180 copy.jpg
P3311179 copy.jpg

A trip to the bathroom inside the building showed a nicely decorated place to potty.

P3311174 copy.jpg

After eating, we spent a little more time in the water knowing that it would soon be time to go.

P3311182 copy.jpg
P3311181 copy.jpg
P3311183 copy.jpg
P3311194 copy.jpg
P3311196 copy.jpg

We packed up our things and headed to the front. We hated to say goodbye and both agreed that it was a nice day at a nice place and was definitely worth the time coming here.

P3311198 copy.jpg
P3311199 copy.jpg
P3311202 copy.jpg

The little store on the premises.

P3311205 copy.jpg

We noticed these cages at the entrance.

P3311206 copy.jpg
P3311207 copy.jpg
P3311208 copy.jpg
P3311210 copy.jpg
P3311212 copy.jpg

There was talk on these boards about the van drivers taking any of the ship towels that people leave behind and using them as seat covers. I found one. lol

P3311211 copy.jpg

Pulling out of the resort and headed back

P3311213 copy.jpg
P3311214 copy.jpg
P3311215 copy.jpg
P3311217 copy.jpg
P3311220 copy.jpg
P3311228 copy.jpg

Before long we were back at the port.

P3311229 copy.jpg
P3311230 copy.jpg
P3311232 copy.jpg

We left the resort at 2:48 and arrived back at the port at 3:01pm

P3311233 copy.jpg

We seen this in the port and wondered if Divi Bay is really rated #1 on the island or if this was just an advertisement to get people to go there.

P3311235 copy.jpg
P3311236 copy.jpg
P3311234 copy.jpg
P3311238 copy.jpg
P3311239 copy.jpg

We were back on the ship by 4pm, headed to the shower and then upstairs to try out the ropes course. It was closed of course. I started to wonder if they ever opened it up. We never experienced this on NCL before...unless there REALLY was very high winds.


So we hung out for awhile and Sakari worked out for awhile.

P3311269 copy.jpg
P3311268 copy.jpg
P3311270 copy.jpg
P3311271 copy.jpg
P3311280 copy.jpg
P3311273 copy.jpg
P3311276 copy.jpg

Celebrity pulled out

And the Allure was right behind her.

P3311281 copy.jpg

We were next to go around 5:25pm and we left the other "X" in port.

P3311283 copy.jpg
P3311287 copy.jpg

We dropped off Sakari at "dinner" with the kids and this time we were able to find food on our own.


I was making up for lost "food time". I also had to try a little of everything for desert. I'm not a big desert person, but like to try them just in case I find something appealing. Of course if I did, I would probably not find it again on the cruise because I was lucky to find anything during the evening to eat.

P3311292 copy.jpg
P3311293 copy.jpg

We headed to the casino for about 45 minutes and nothing eventful happened so it was time to go find our pictures from the day.

P4231714 copy.jpg
P4231713 copy.jpg

We then went to catch a show "The Two Men Without Assistance" The Funtimes said it was a comedy and magic and that's my kind of show! The beginning of the show started out pretty neat and was in the dark with lights. Then the guys started their "talking/magic" part of the show and I quickly lost interest. I mean these guys talked as if everything was scripted to the tee and they were reading off a teleprompter or something. It was not entertaining and even some of their magic tricks were "bloopers" in my book because they weren't far enough back on the stage that I actually watched them switch places in a cage and when the curtain was pulled off, they had switched places, but yet I watched them do it. The show was just bad. All the people on our roll call even complained about the show. Where do they find these people? This is one thing that I don't think Carnival exceeds in...their entertainment. NCL is so much better and more professional. I really wanted to leave the show (as many did) but the chairs we were in sat straight up and down, there was no leg room and you had to sit sideways and there were people on both sides of us. I felt trapped.




It was time to pick Sakari up from the kids club and we knew that tomorrow was a sea day and we could sleep in. We ask if she wanted to stay longer and of course her reply was "No, I want to go with you guys." I told her we were going to check out a dance party and if she wanted to go and dance she could. So off we went to the pool deck (which is directly outside of the kids club).


The party was already started and the CD had everyone low can you go?

P3310387 copy.jpg

Everyone looked like they were having a good time, but Sakari was refusing to come down and dance. Once again I reminded her that she wanted to leave the kids club and come do what we were doing and this is what we had planned on doing. She pouted and didn't want to dance all of a sudden. This is really weird for her because she is always out there dancing and having a good time and we usually have to drag her off the floor to leave. I'm not sure what's going on with her these last 2 cruises.

P3310388 copy.jpg

I knew tonight was the night they had the Blue Iguana Mexican Fiesta and the last cruise the nacho's and dips were great and I wasn't about to miss it. I had to put my foot down with Sakari and tell her that tonight, we're not going anywhere and definitely not going back to the room yet.


They opened up the food at 10:30pm and we were some of the first people in line. It was yummy like always.

P3310386 copy.jpg

We made it back to the room to find a stingray towel animal.

P3310385 copy.jpg

The rest of the towel animals must have been scared off by the stingray and were gathered in the corner of Sakari's bed.

P3310390 copy.jpg

Well, there was nothing to pack for the following day, there was nothing on t.v. and we had a cranky child. So, off to bed we went on this night that could have been full of dancing fun and a late night due to not having to get up the following morning...but here we are going to bed like an old couple. :(

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