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MITSUGIRLY lets the BREEZE flow through her hair-Spring Break Review/Pictorial

Day 6: St Kitts



This will be our first time in St Kitts and I found plenty of options I was interested in. We were in port from 10am-8pm and I was super excited.


Our roll call had someone that arranged a group "tour" with the main attraction being transportation to Cockleshell Beach/Reggae Beach. Since this was one of the places on my "list", I jumped right on this tour with everyone else, hoping to save some money. With this tour, they would pick you up in either an open air bus or enclosed, tour you around Basseterre and tell you a little about the history (everyone knows I don't do "tours" but this was just a little driving by it and telling you things along the way type of tour-no stopping). Then there would be a stop at the top of Timothy Hill for 10 minutes to get pictures. Then on to Reggae Beach where they would have a reserved chair, umbrella and complimentary drink waiting on you. Then it included your ride back to the port, with the options of 2 different times to leave (early and late). This was booked using PEREIRA TOURS and the cost was $15pp. It sounded like a great deal to me and we went for it.


Of course, I know just from trying to get "my group" of kids and grand-kids together on any particular quite the challenge. Our group to Reggae consisted of about 108 people. Yikes! I really wondered how it would go and several times I felt as if I should just pull out of this group tour. I mean was it really worth saving a few bucks on a taxi ride? We'd soon see.




So I'm not even sure what time we got up today, but I do know I received my normal wake up call. Today's wake up call is brought to you by the pans and pots hockey team who will be playing right above your room for the next few hours. We have arranged a smelly aroma to the players field for your enjoyment and to enhance your senses. We want to make sure you get up on time...:D


So outside I went to check out the situation. It looked as if we were here and smelled as if someone took out the trash and placed it on my balcony. Let's all hold our noses while I get some pictures.

P3290656 copy.jpg

Yep, it pretty much looked like all those other "St." islands we've been to.

P3290659 copy.jpg
P3290662 copy.jpg
P3290663 copy.jpg

We had company

IMG_3988 copy.jpg

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I could eat it for any meal. The hubby was getting a little burned out on the same breakfast daily, so we decided to head to the Blue Iguana for a breakfast burrito.


He was super excited.

P3290654 copy.jpg

And they were good, just like the last time on the Pride. I just wish they offered a regular soft burrito shell instead of only wheat or jalapeno. I don't do spicy and I don't really care for "wheat" anything. But, that's pretty much my only option. Sigh. Wheat just has somewhat of a "bitter" taste to me.

P3290655 copy.jpg

The Captain came on to tell us that we would be a little late into port. Um...ok, we are sitting right here! He mentioned something about the wind and waves. Seriously? Where is this at? I don't see either. The Celebrity ship left after we did (from San Juan) and had been following us. But they were now going around us and docking while we waited on them. The Captain mentioned that we would now be docking around 10:30am instead of 10am.


Traffic jam...

P3290668 copy.jpg
P3290666 copy.jpg
P3290673 copy.jpg

This kinda reminds me of bermuda with the pastel colored houses.

P3290675 copy.jpg

It was about 10am when we started coming in.

P3290677 copy.jpg

I "gots prime viewing" from my loud, smelly balcony. :D


Sakari really wanted to know how these men got there...I told her when they didn't see any sharks around, they went for it, jumped and swam over.

P3290678 copy.jpg

These men were screaming and yelling at Celebrity. Like one of them was super mad about something. He would throw his hands up in the air, scream, do the "about-face" walk and then turn back to repeat.

P3290683 copy.jpg

I can only assume that these ropes some how got stuck somewhere because they would be pulling and not getting anywhere with them.

P3290682 copy.jpg

The guy finally threw his hands up one last time, slammed the rope down and walked over to our ship and tied us up instead. HA! I guess we'll be docking earlier than expected and Celebrity will have to wait to dock at 10:30 "due to the waves and wind". We were docked by 10:15am.

P3290686 copy.jpg

We headed down one flight of stairs and off the ship we went. (Have I mentioned how much I actually like being down this low?)

P3300955 copy.jpg

St Kitts very own rock collection:

P3300952 copy.jpg

Sakari has started collecting rocks lately. She thinks that every rock has some type of fossil on them. I swear she can see a "shell" or "starfish" or a face in every shell and she will convince you that it's a fossil. She is keeping them in a box and she will take them to the bus stop every morning (including this morning) to show her friends. I swear all her friends thinks she's nuts...and they are right.

P3300953 copy.jpg
P3300956 copy.jpg
P3300958 copy.jpg

I'll show you around the shopping port area first (even though a majority of these were taken upon our return later that day) just to get it out of the way.


I know some don't like these built up areas at the port and also say that you can get better deals if you walk outside the port. But, I like them and they are convenient for grabbing something on the way back to the ship and not having to search all over town for that "deal". I'm willing to pay a little more for this convenience.


The one thing I really didn't like about San Juan is they didn't have this convenience...and I'll tell you why. I ALWAYS get a tee shirt and a refrigerator magnet from every port we visit. When we came back from San Juan, we completely forgot about both of these and when let off by the driver, we just simply headed back to the ship and forgot. I was heartbroken when I discovered this and now I'll just have to go back to get them...and hopefully remember.

P3300943 copy.jpg
P3290688 copy.jpg
P3300945 copy.jpg
P3300947 copy.jpg
P3290689 copy.jpg
P3300942 copy.jpg
P3290690 copy.jpg
P3300944 copy.jpg

I really don't get the concept of having a casino right there as you get off the ship. Do people really get off the ship and go gamble? I means there's a casino on the ship for heavens sake.

P3300951 copy.jpg

Our "group" was to head outside the port and meet at the Smoke & Booze building within 1/2 hour of the ship porting. We immediately walked there and didn't really see too many people standing around. We did notice another family looking for them too and someone told them to walk around the corner and over to this parking lot. We followed.


We found several "groups" divided up and they were taking peoples names and their money and marking them off. It was very unorganized and people were confused. At first they were calling names off and then you approached and paid. Then it went to just having people walk up and give their information. Then it went to forming a line (which was actually some type of circle).


We were to have both the open air buses and regular buses, which was my understanding. I know a majority of the group said they wanted open air buses. I honestly could care less as long as I got there. My only concern was if it was going to be extremely hot out, they would have wished they opted for the regular bus with a/c.


I'm not sure if everyone showed up or not because our entire group only ended up with 2 open air buses. They separated us and told us which bus to get on.

P3290691 copy.jpg

We sat there for awhile, making sure that everyone that was coming had arrived, and then we pulled out. My thoughts were if you told us to meet at the Smoke & Booze, you should probably all be there until everyone arrives. But, this was very unorganized in my option and there were probably people that went there and didn't see anyone and said screw it and left.


I "believe" we had around 28 or so people on our bus??? My count may be off, and I didn't personally count, but for some reason I'm thinking I heard this number thrown out. So if both buses had around that many people, that means quite a few either didn't show up or couldn't find us...because we were in the WRONG meeting location (at the parking lot with the buses instead of at the store where we were told to be). :rolleyes:

Here's the rest of the group still trying to get checked and pay and then assigned a bus.

P3290692 copy.jpg

We were assigned the bright orange bus. The other group pulled out ahead of us and waited.

P3290693 copy.jpg
P3290694 copy.jpg

We started our quick "tour"

We all sat outside in the "bus" of course and the driver sat inside with a loud speaker and microphone to talk to us.

P3290695 copy.jpg
P3290696 copy.jpg

This caught my eye...and no I'm not talking about my hubby...the KFC.

P3290698 copy.jpg
P3290697 copy.jpg

National Museum

P3290700 copy.jpg
P3290701 copy.jpg

This guy was raising up the lobster and flashing them at us, pointing and trying to get our attention. What did he want us to do? Stop the bus and run over to buy one and run back?


I sheltered Sakari's eyes and pointed in the other direction to reduce the possibility of being scared the rest of her life.

P3290699 copy.jpg

The Circus Today Basseterre's French heritage is not nearly so prominent as its British colonial past. The centerpiece of the city's evocative Georgian architecture is its Circus, a diminutive roundabout modeled in proper Victorian patriotism after Piccadilly, in London. In the middle of the Circus stands the bright green bronze of the Berkeley Memorial Clock, an ornate, cast iron tower with four clock faces and more than a little architectural decoration.

P3290703 copy.jpg
P3290711 copy.jpg

Independence Sq-the site of the slave market.


These days independence Square is a very pleasant grassed park located centrally within Basseterre. There's a fountain in the centre (though not working), and eight paths radiating out in a Union Jack formation. The Square was originally known as "Pall Mall" when it was built in 1790 to hold slave auctions and council meetings.

P3290705 copy.jpg

This is the fountain in the middle...and I seriously hate that the picture didn't turn out well, but you can look it up online and see what it really looks like.

P3290704 copy.jpg

The Basseterre Co-Cathedral of Immaculate Conception. This was build around the 1700's I believe.

P3290708 copy.jpg
P3290709 copy.jpg
P3290707 copy.jpg

I can't believe I managed to get a shot of the stained glass window, located INSIDE the church, while moving AND zoomed in. Weird. Not completely clear, but you get the picture.

P3290710 copy.jpg

Of course I always have to take pictures of the houses around the area along the way.

P3290714 copy.jpg

The local hardware and appliance store. Good to know if I ever move here I can by a fiberglass one piece pool. These things rock. We bought one back when my 3 oldest kids were little and had it installed and it was the best purchase I had ever made. We spent every minute we could in the pool during the summer, so many pool and birthday partys, lots of games we made up (me and the kids) and these types of pool are hands down the EASIEST thing to keep clean. Prior to getting one, we had an above ground and it was always turning green and I was changing the liner once a year. Never again. Man I miss my pool.

P3290715 copy.jpg
P3290712 copy.jpg

Our "other half" following us.

P3290718 copy.jpg

I think they might have said this was the local hospital? I'm really not sure but can't think of another reason I would randomly take a picture of something that wasn't just a house or something that wasn't of interest to me.

P3290716 copy.jpg

The "Go Green" Solar Farm located in Frigate Bay area. The electric company has responsibility to operate and maintain. The goal is by 2020, 100% of the island will have electric produced by renewable energy.

P3290719 copy.jpg
P3290721 copy.jpg
P3290720 copy.jpg

Yea, um...I'll take this one.

P3290723 copy.jpg
P3290722 copy.jpg
P3290724 copy.jpg

This is the Marriott located in Frigate Bay area and it is the biggest and most expensive place on the island he said.

P3290728 copy.jpg
P3290726 copy.jpg
P3290729 copy.jpg

The street lights in Frigate Bay area has wind and solar lights.


The street lamp is capable of producing up to 380 W of power if the sun was shining and the wind were blowing, and the street lamps save excess energy generated in a battery that powers their high efficiency LEDs through the night.

P3290731 copy.jpg
P3290732 copy.jpg

Just so you know, I have managed to look up most of this information online myself because our guide didn't mention some of this.

I had no idea what "benching" meant, but would soon find out. This was about to be a fingernail biting, gut twisting, head pounding ride ahead of us.

P3290734 copy.jpg
P3290733 copy.jpg

We slowed down and the driver slammed the bus into first gear and we all had neck whiplash. From here on out, we would climb Mt Tim in first gear, sounding as if we were clanging on a roller coaster, going up the chains to the top in an ever so slow fashion. Even Thomas the train thought he could faster than this I'm sure. We were all looking at each other like "Is that all this thing has?" "Are we going to make it?" "Will we need to call for help because this guy is going to blow first gear?" I have never, in my life, ever, positively ever hear anyone run a vehicle in first gear the way this guy did. Seriously. It was almost scary.


The beach area at the Marriott:

P3290736 copy.jpg

I had no idea just how far we had to go in order to get to Cockleshell but this hill was crazy! People were going around us and giving us the stink eye. Like seriously ...EVERYONE passed us. We must have been going 5 mph if a gust of wind caught our back side.


The roads twisted and turned and I could see my life flash before my eyes. Then I started getting the stink eye from the hubby and I knew exactly what it was for¿?


I couldn't wait to make it to the top of Timothy Hill and get out, take some pictures, and gather my throat out of my stomach.


It was pretty along the way...just scary.

P3290741 copy.jpg

Then we get this...our other bus passing us and laughing at us. I mean they passed and took off and was out of site before long.

P3290737 copy.jpg

Construction was everywhere. Some roads were closed. Other "parts" (1 lane traffic going around a huge curve going straight down) would be blocked and plenty of construction crew in the middle of the road. You never knew what was going to be coming at you at any given moment.

P3290744 copy.jpg

^^You see that orange smiley face in the mirror? I can guarantee it was the only one smiling on this trip.


Very beautiful but I don't wanna!

P3290743 copy.jpg

St. Kitts and Nevis (WINN): Large boulders block the original road over the top of Timothy Hill as the cliff above is cut back and stabilized in the first phase of a project to tackle the problem of heavy rock falls in the area. Phase One is to do benching: cut it back, and then Phase Two is to install a tunnel.

I really wish I would have taken the time to put my camera on the miniature setting more during this drive. I really like the way they come out...but then again, I was hanging on for dear life and it was the last thought on my mind.

P3290746 copy.jpg
P3290751 copy.jpg
P3290749 copy.jpg
P3290750 copy.jpg

Notice the little sign ahead that signifies there is road work in right around that corner and the road is partially blocked with traffic from that side of the road coming at you? Eeekkkkk!!! Gasp

P3290757 copy.jpg

Even this guy in a little truck pulling a load is passing us!

P3290762 copy.jpg

A house on the hill with a view

P3290759 copy.jpg
P3290761 copy.jpg

Now I don't remember at what point in my pictures did we come to the top of Timothy Hill, but as you can see, these were all taken from the bus as we were moving along. Why you ask? BECAUSE OUR DRIVER DID NOT STOP THAT'S WHY!!! We got up to the top of Timothy Hill and we passed the other bus driver that went around us and disappeared out of site and they waved to us as we flew by them. Um seriously? You put someone like me, who strives off getting the best pictures possible of the places I visit, and you don't stop??? Unacceptable! At that point I was a little ticked. Others on the bus said "I guess our driver didn't get the memo about the 10 minute stop!" I was hoping for the best and thinking maybe he was going to stop on the way back or something.

P3290763 copy.jpg

We came to this marina that was loaded with some HUGE yachts.

P3290765 copy.jpg
P3290769 copy.jpg
P3290772 copy.jpg
P3290773 copy.jpg
P3290776 copy.jpg
P3290774 copy.jpg
P3290778 copy.jpg
P3290779 copy.jpg

We finally seen a sign that said Reggae Beach. I was so relieved. At least we had made it and would get to enjoy the day there...even if it was the last thing we got to do.

P3290780 copy.jpg

Then there was another turn off...well, I thought we must be getting close.

Then FINALLY...we arrived. This was the parking lot.

P3290783 copy.jpg
P3290787 copy.jpg

According to my time stamp and watch, it was a 38 minute 1st gear. ;)

So we arrived at Reggae and we were all safe. My heart finally stopped pounding and I was glad to be alive.


Let's take a look around first.

P3290788 copy.jpg

There was a huge covered deck for eating, although we never used it, there were plenty of people up there all the time.

P3290789 copy.jpg

I made sure to follow the directions of this

Everything was painted "Reggae" style and reminded me of Jamaica actually. LOL

P3290790 copy.jpg
P3300808 copy.jpg
P3300810 copy.jpg
P3300809 copy.jpg
P3300807 copy.jpg
P3300811 copy.jpg

The shack that had all your rental needs......and their pricing...

P3300822 copy.jpg
P3300820 copy.jpg
P3300821 copy.jpg

We had such an awesome time renting jet skis in Bermuda last year that it's all the hubby talks about. However, the prices they charge for the little bit of time allowed is just hard to justify...especially when we own our own jet ski that has 320 hp and these don't begin to compare to that...but still a fun experience, even though we know they won't allow you to really open up the throttle in the ocean, even if you have experience. Oh well, maybe another time.



I remember when I first read up on this place, I would see all kinds of pictures of their pet hog, Wilbur. I got super excited to know that we were going to see him and Sakari would be so excited. Then after a lot of research, found that Wilbur had passed away. This was his burial ground.

P3300824 copy.jpg

Overlooking the place from standing next door. Not too much to write home about.

P3300826 copy.jpg

If you are into massages and having strangers put their hands on your body...this is for you. (LOL, not my thing, which I'm sure everyone knows about me by now).

P3300825 copy.jpg

This building was next door. I'm not sure what it use to be or was supposed to be. It looks like they never finished it.

P3300843 copy.jpg
P3300805 copy.jpg

So once we arrived, we were told that our pick up time would be 3:30pm and to meet in the parking lot. Wait, say what? We had been told that we would have 2 pick up times. One early and one late. Of course we always take the LATE departures and want to make the most of the day. But we were not given a choice as promised. Ugh!


We were escorted in and told to pick any of the seats that said "reserved". Well, the only seats we could find that had them on it were seats in the second and third row. The first row was all taken up before we ever got there. Now I absolutely HATE not being able to be in the first row...and not for your typical reason of not wanting anyone blocking me or being by the water, but for the simple reason of I have to keep a keen watch on my munchkin. She's pretty good at obeying instructions and she knows not to go out far or over her head, but kids are kids and when they are playing with other kids, things can happen.


We picked a spot that had a small opening in front of us and that's where we would decide to stay all day.

P3300796 copy.jpg

Sakari immediately morphed into a mermaid and she was off to test the waters to her new home.

P3290791 copy.jpg

I have to say that this place was PACKED! Both in the water and on the beach. Super packed.

P3290793 copy.jpg
P3290792 copy.jpg
P3300827 copy.jpg

This is the area I assumed they would have some snorkeling. When I walked over there, I could only see rocks and decided I just probably wouldn't be exploring today and rocks were not what I wanted to see. It was our 3rd port of the cruise and it would be strike 3 of no snorkeling on this cruise for me.

P3300803 copy.jpg
P3300804 copy.jpg
P3300806 copy.jpg

When I returned to my chair, I had a new friend that hung out with me for awhile.

P3300799 copy.jpg

The server came around asking if we were "ok" and I had to mention "Don't we get a free drink?" He said yes and it was fruit punch. He said they were REALLY good and REALLY strong and he would bring us some.

P3300800 copy.jpg

He was right. They were super strong. It would be the only drinks we had that day and we would continue to sip on our pop we brought with us in the cooler the rest of the time.


We sat there most of the day with me taking frequent dips in the water because it was scorching hot out. We got to know the people around us, which were also on our roll call, and had a great time laughing and telling stories. It always amazes me when we go places just how many other nurses are cruising with us. I guess cruising is a nurses addiction. It was even more ironic that there was a nurse a few chairs down from us that was not only from Columbus, but worked at the local hospital down the road from the hospital I worked at for many years. A lot of my classmates work there as well. It's such a small world.

P3300831 copy.jpg
P3300830 copy.jpg
P3300828 copy.jpg
P3300829 copy.jpg

Sakari always makes friends easily. With her being an actual mermaid, she always manages to have even more friends now. LOL This little boy hung out with her all day and honestly...just wouldn't leave her alone. At one point I had to rescue her because he kept taking her in his arms and holding her, walking in the water, and she would want down and he refused. She would try to "dive" off of him and he would hold on to her legs and fin. I seen her struggle a few times trying to kick her way out and he was just hanging on to her. Sigh.


This little boy was so amazed at her mermaid outfit. He kept coming up to me, various times of the day, asking me questions about her "tail". Once he ask me "Where do you get these mermaid tails?" Then he ask "Do they make them for boys?" I told him they do and they are called merman tails. Then he said "Do they make them for the black boy?" Um, I really wasn't sure what he meant by that and told him they make them for everyone and anyone who wanted to become a mermaid or merman. I ask him if he meant that he wanted a black tail. He said "Sure, do they make them in black?" I told him they did make them in black. Then he said "But I would really like to have a purple one. Do they make them in purple?" I informed him they did indeed come in purple. Then the next question was...."Do they make the bathing suit top like hers in purple for me?" Well, of course they do! He was super excited. (I might add he appeared to be one of the locals and there might be a new purple merman on the island next time we return).

P3300834 copy.jpg

They would sit for hours playing in the sand and swimming. I noticed they were doing a lot of digging and making something, but it did not appear to be a sand castle. I had to go investigate.


They had made a spot along the beach for Sakari the mermaid to sit and pose for pictures. LOL One of the kids even went and found a board and a marker and made a sign that said "Take picture with mermaid" on it.

P3300832 copy.jpg

Sakari said at one point that the little boy started telling people it cost .50 per picture. Yep, I'm guessing he was a local on the island and he was learning his skills from his parents selling things along the water.

P3300833 copy.jpg

It was around 3pm and I knew we were to leave at 3:30pm. We started gathering up our things and I headed down to tell Sakari it was time to morph back into a human for our ride home to the ship. It's always a task to get this mermaid tail prepared for departure. It ends up with sand all in it that has to be washed out and then the material has to be wrung out and put away in her mermaid bag.


Well, I told Sakari it was almost time to go and I needed her mermaid tail. I went to help her step down out of it and when she went to pull it down, the little boy started helping her yank it down and Sakari was quick with her reactions and grabbed her bathing suit bottoms just in time to keep him from yanking those down too. Eeeeek! When she stepped down out of the tail, I had my hand on one side and the little boy had his hand on the other and he tried to yank it from me. I told him to let go and he said "But I really want one of these". I told him just because you want one doesn't mean you take someone else's and that was not acceptable. I pulled it from his clinching hands and started cleaning the sand out of it and several times he attempted to grab it again. What is wrong with this kid? After all this, I started thinking back to the entire day and wondering if he had tried to take it from Sakari at any point during the day because I do remember seeing her try to get away from him several times when swimming.

P3300815 copy.jpg
P3300819 copy.jpg
P3300813 copy.jpg
P3300814 copy.jpg

While we were looking at the monkeys, which the cage is right close to the parking lot, a man came to us asking if we were ready to go. I informed him that we came with a group and already have our transportation, figuring that he had a cab or something. He said "Yes, it's here now". He kept trying to tell us to get on another open air bus that was out in the parking lot. I told him no, that's not the one we were on. Ours was orange and our driver specifically told us to make sure we looked for his bus to pick us up. This other person kept trying and trying and telling us to "come on, it's waiting" and at one point he told us that this was our new driver and our other driver wasn't coming. I kept playing him off. Something didn't feel right to me. We continued to play with the monkeys and ignoring him.

P3300837 copy.jpg
P3300838 copy.jpg

I finally seen our bright orange bus and we headed out. I just knew that other guy was up to no good.

P3300841 copy.jpg
P3300842 copy.jpg

We all piled in the bus and waited for everyone else. We were all talking about our day there and we discovered a few more things while sitting there. We were informed that several people were put on the wrong bus and instead of coming to Reggae, they ended up dong a full blown island tour (I believe a 3 hour tour) and only got to spend an hour or so here at the beach. I also heard that several people arrived at Reggae and were so highly upset at the way things were going that they immediately caught a cab back to the port. I also heard that someone that supposed to be on our tour couldn't find us and decided to just grab a cab to Reggae on their own and they only paid $7 to get there, which = $14 total for the ride there and back...and we paid $15 each and thought we were getting a "deal" by booking with such a large group. Others were mad because they thought the price of this excursion included a chair and they were made to pay for them extra. There were so many complaints that my head was spinning and now I had to think about the treacherous ride back to the port and hoping that we would be stopping on the top of Mt Tim this time!


I "believe" this was the owner, Liz, of Pereira Tours.

P3300844 copy.jpg

A few times it was unclear if any of "our" bus group had left Reggae and got a cab on their own back to the port. But we continued to wait and see. Others from the other bus were also gathered in the parking lot, but their bus was not there yet. Some tried to get on our bus and were told that they would have to wait for their original bus to return to avoid confusion. All of the people originally on our bus managed to be there after the head count and we were off and on our way back to the port...while the other group was left still standing in the parking lot.


They told the other group that the other bus was going to be there shortly and they were "almost there". I guess this means we get a head start on them, running in 1st gear, and it would take them a little while to catch up with us before passing.


We did at least get a little bit of entertainment on the way back when the "dad" of a family rode up front with the driver and took over the mic. He made funny announcements all the way home and kept us laughing...especially when he cracked jokes on the driver about being in first gear.

P3300846 copy.jpg

We didn't feel like we got to "Live De Life" at Reggae, but hey, it was a beach day.

P3300845 copy.jpg
P3300852 copy.jpg
P3300856 copy.jpg
P3300857 copy.jpg
P3300850 copy.jpg

This first gear crap was getting old and creeping along like this was just annoying. Why were we the only ones doing this? Do you see anyone in front of us?

P3300867 copy.jpg

Well look behind us...plenty of pissed off drivers that would take every opportunity to go around us on these winding, hilly, drop off the side of the mountain hills.

P3300865 copy.jpg

The weird thing is, this guy was so slow with his driving, but once we made it to the top of the hill, I would have thought he would have used his brakes a little more than he did. At times I almost wished he would slow down going around the corners.

P3300869 copy.jpg

I guess this is as close to getting a picture of the Atlantic and the Caribbean oceans because our driver didn't stop on the way back either. Sigh!


For those wondering what Timothy Hill Lookout at St. Kitts island is, it overlooks where the Caribbean Sea on the right and the Atlantic Ocean on the left meet together.

P3300880 copy.jpg
P3300884 copy.jpg
P3300874 copy.jpg

We got back to the little town of Frigate Bay and we passed the other open air bus for the other group that was still waiting at Reggae to be picked up. Oh my goodness! They said they were almost there when we arse! They still had to go up and down Mt Timmy to get there! When we got back the other group said they had waited over a hour for their bus to get there! They were a little hot about it and the owner could only say "with so many ships in port, the buses were stuck in traffic". This is a tour company, who transports cruise passengers every time their are ships in port, you SHOULD KNOW how traffic gets on those days and account for it by leaving early. This is your job! I mean for some reason our driver didn't have this issue.

P3300874 copy.jpg

The golf course

P3300892 copy.jpg
P3300898 copy.jpg

These guys have guts. I can't even imagine cycling around some of these hills.

P3300902 copy.jpg

Now I bet that's a place with a view!

P3300903 copy.jpg

More of the "Go Green" Solar Farm

P3300906 copy.jpg
P3300905 copy.jpg

We could finally see the ship in the distance

P3300914 copy.jpg

Once you get closer to town, the houses get smaller

P3300913 copy.jpg
P3300917 copy.jpg
P3300918 copy.jpg
P3300919 copy.jpg
P3300916 copy.jpg
P3300920 copy.jpg

We made it back to the port in one piece and I was thankful for that.

P3300924 copy.jpg
P3300923 copy.jpg
P3300925 copy.jpg

It was now 4:30pm and it took us 26 minutes to get back...with ALL THAT TRAFFIC and all you know.


We looked around the stores for awhile and I managed to get my tee shirt and a magnet signifying that we have indeed been to St Kitts now.

P3300926 copy.jpg

Sakari managed to talk me into getting another whale/dolphin/something along that species stuffed animal. It was a pretty nice size and I figured being in port and all, it would be expensive. However, they only charged us $3.50 and I had a happy child for the rest of the day.


The port was packed with cruisers returning from their daily adventures.

P3300927 copy.jpg
P3300933 copy.jpg
P3300938 copy.jpg
P3300930 copy.jpg
P3300937 copy.jpg

This guy was walking around with a monkey on his shoulder

P3300940 copy.jpg

Sakari with her new toy

P3300950 copy.jpg
P3300943 copy.jpg
P3300959 copy.jpg
P3300961 copy.jpg

We got back on the ship and headed up one floor to our room. Once again, I'm going to mention how much I love being so close to below and it's so easy to get on and off the ship and not have to worry about the crowded elevators.


We showered, put our things away and went to go find food. We hadn't ate since that morning and we were starved. But, once again, nothing was open. I just can't believe this! Lunch had ended at the buffet at 3:30pm and would not be opening up again until 6pm. BlueIguana Cantina had closed at 2:30pm and wouldn't be opening up again. The pasta bar at Cucina closed at 2:30pm too. This was just ridiculous! Seriously. The only option we had again was Guy's Burger. We had already had that plenty of times and I was really not in the mood for another hamburger.


We waited on the kids club to open and drop Sakari off so that she could have her dinner. At 6pm we started looking for food again and the buffet had all the blinds closed. We sat down in front of it. At 6:30pm, still all the blinds closed. At this point I was a little pissed and tired and hungry...well starving actually and when we get to the point that we are starving, we get irritable.


I stopped several employees and ask what time does the buffet open...can you believe they both told me "I'm not sure".....SERIOUSLY? You work here and you are unsure? You are cleaning up dishes, this is obviously YOUR work area and you don't know. On the second person I ask, a little boy, I'm guessing around 10 years old, overheard me and he said "It's open in the back". I thanked him and went over to tell the hubby. Of course we knew that the deli is open from 11am - 11pm and it was located in the back. I just knew that was what he was referring to, but we went anyhow.


However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the buffet was actually open back there. I have no idea why it wasn't open in the front either...especially since this is considered "dinner" time.


We finally got some food in our bellies and went to go hang out on the deck and relax for awhile and reflect on the day.


We thought St Kitts was beautiful. We had a decent time, not the best, but decent. I mean any day at the beach is a good day for us, even with little bumps along the way. It could have been worse. I did learn my lesson and I think from now on I will be sticking to doing things on my own, even if it means paying a little more (although it wasn't in this case, it would have been cheaper). The advantages to doing it on your own is that you have a private driver (or at least a smaller group), you can leave the port right away...which means you get more time at the beach. You arrive sooner than a huge group and probably have a better choice of a place to sit. Then of course you don't have to worry about waiting for a crowd, head count and so on, for the return trip home. Yep, I think I will not worry too much about the cost from now on and just do it myself (well unless there's REALLY a big difference, then I would have to think twice about it).


I probably will never return back to Reggae. It was ok and to me, just a typical beach bar area, nothing special, no wow factors and nothing that would really bring me back here. I would definitely pick another place next time.


We headed to pixels to see if we could find our pictures from the day and did manage to find them after searching f.o.r.e.v.e.r!

P4231712 copy.jpg

I'm really not sure what the deal is with the color of these pictures taken by the ship photographers. They all have a funny color to our skin. In person, these pictures give off a weird dull look to our skin and look as if they took pictures using a green colored lens. I think they photog's need a lesson in white balance or something.


We dropped off our pictures and I wanted to take a few pictures of us at St Kitts in the dark. They did not turn out well this time. Maybe because I was in a hurry to get to the casino and try my luck for the night and I didn't take the time to focus.

P3300969 copy.jpg
P3300971 copy.jpg

Tonight I would do pretty good on the Fisherman Bob's slot machine and on a 777's game. Around 9:44pm we headed to the kids club to pick Sakari up. It was Pirate night there and she had her face painted.


They had also given her a Pirate face mask and a few toys and she got to make her own telescope. We headed back to the room.

P3300972 copy.jpg

Our towel animal for the night.

P3300974 copy.jpg

She was real excited about her "slime hands"...I hate these things because they leave an oily residue on the walls and ceilings if you sling them up there and they will also pick up every known hair in the room. Disgusting.

She looked over on her bed and found a gift.

P3300976 copy.jpg
P3300975 copy.jpg

She was super excited and I explained to her that her birthday would be 2 weeks after we got home from the cruise, but I was allowing her to open one of her gifts while on the cruise. I reminded her that she would need to remember on her birthday that she had already received one on the cruise. She agreed and dug right in.

As soon as she seen the "special" bags her presents came in, she immediately knew what it was.

P3300977 copy.jpg
P3300980 copy.jpg

I don't think I've seen a happier kid...

It's always great to surprise them with something they didn't ask for or were expecting.

P3300981 copy.jpg
P3300982 copy.jpg

So here's her birthday present...

P3300983 copy.jpg
P3300984 copy.jpg

Sakari was starving and that meant we would have to go search for food...we also knew that we wouldn't find anything unless it was pizza. So, pizza it was.


Sakari is such a home-body. Like seriously, she would pick staying at home over just about anything. When we go out to eat, she begs to stay home and just have us bring her something home. We go for a walk at night, she'd rather stay home. I want to go shopping and she would rather stay home. Sigh.


So, she wanted us to go get her pizza and bring it back. We told her we could not just leave her there and she'd have to come with us. We were not at home and her brother and his finance was not home to watch her. She wasn't happy that she had to change out of her new mermaid outfit, but finally agreed and said "but I want to come back to the room and eat".


Up to the Pizza Pirate we went and I couldn't believe there wasn't a line. Only 3 people in front of us. I really hate eating in the room and not having a table to eat at...just as much as I hate stopping somewhere and eating in a car. I would just rather eat at a table! We sat down at a table and she had the biggest fit saying I promised we'd go back to the room.


We ate our pizza, she sat there. When it was time to go back, she took her pizza with her and then ate in the room, just as she said she would. Sigh. We headed to bed by hear the clanging sounds of the galley above. Is it really possible to drop this many pots and pans every single night? I think they need more training or stop putting grease on their hands. I don't know what the problem is. :(