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My 9 year old LOVES animals and butterflies (she knows more about them than I do and can tell you entire life cycle and knows a lot of the different types of butterflies). We have a butterfly exhibit once a year here at home and she really enjoys going there and spending time with the butterflies and while we were in Aruba, we passed this place, going to the beach, and she shouted that she just HAD to go there. So go there we did! Easy to find and very colorful. They had a gift shop and restrooms.


This place is located on one of the main roads, just down the street from Eagle Beach, in the Palm Beach area, and very easy to get to. The cost is $15 per person (but they charged less for our daughter for some reason). They are open from 8:30am until 4:30pm. Parking is free.


When we arrived, we paid our admission and they told us to walk inside and wait for the "tour" to start. I was thinking...oh geesh, I don't want a tour, I just want to explore on my own. So we walked in an looked around in the area we were told to wait in. There were butterflies all over the place and very beautiful. Then the "tour" began. It wasn't actually a "tour", it was a person talking to us (in a group) about the butterflies, their life cycle, and showing us caterpillars, eggs, cocoons and butterflies. He gave some very interesting facts and information and I was happy that this was part of the "tour".

There were so many beautiful butterflies and many "drunken" males butterflies. We had a blast! My daughter didn't want to leave! There is also a pond with huge koi fish in it.

They had a lot of cocoons there. I didn't realize just how pretty these could be! They almost looked like jewels hanging in there.

I highly recommend this place for a stop when visiting Aruba. Not too expensive, educational, beautiful butterflies with a wide variety of colors and sizes, koi pond and a great way to spend a couple of hours.

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