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The Buccaneer is one of Aruba’s oldest restaurants serving seafood, steaks and an array of International cuisine with an extensive menu to offer for a great dining experience. In building this family restaurant, we took what everyone loves most about Aruba and transformed it into a reality. Yes, we took mother nature’s wonders and bottled up Aruba under one roof. This mixture is 10.000 gallons of the Caribbean sea together with many of Aruba’s friendly sea creatures, a lot of love to build it and continue to run it, an incredible experienced chef who delights the palettes and of course a friendly staff to make sure your Buccaneer experience is Memorable.


In an instant, as you open the door you will feel and see the beauty of our establishment. As you enter you will be greeted by Vasty; as you walk through to be seated you will notice a huge boat which serves as the bar. In the last year Buccaneer has remodeled and made changes to the restaurant, such as upgrading the seats, bigger bathrooms, modern tablecloths, added more light and detailed the bar. Buccaneer Restaurant takes pride in making sure the guests are 100% satisfied. Our goal is making the clients happy with a variety of delicious entrees, reasonable low prices and great service in a relaxing atmosphere for a truly unforgettable dining experience. We take pride in serving fresh ingredients everyday from our kitchen to your table.

***This restaurant has permanently closed since our visit there***





A friend had recommended a really neat dining experience for us to go to. They knew my daughter, who has a love for the ocean, would enjoy this place. Time was running out for our Aruba experience and we would be leaving in a few days and I knew I wanted to make it here for the experience.


I was told it had fish aquariums at almost every table and I knew she would love it. I mapped it before we left our room and took a screen shot. It was 6 minutes away and down by one of the side roads by Superfoods. I have to say it’s in an odd place (to me) and for a place like this, I would think it should be on the main road or beach. If someone hadn’t told me about this place, I would have never seen it or ran into it.


When we pulled up it was all lit up and my daughter loved it. We were immediately seated at a table by an aquarium and she went to drawing everything she could find in it. This was a very unique place and a great atmosphere. There weren’t very many people here. We had been told, but didn’t know where, that there was a room with a huge fish aquarium that went wall to wall. I did not see it at first because it’s in another room.


They immediately brought out water and poured it into these silver cups that felt like they were fresh out of the freezer. Man they were cold and awesome. We placed our order (I ordered the shrimp pernod and the hubby ordered steak. When my meal arrived, the shrimp was very hard and crunchy. I honestly had not had shrimp pernod before, so I didn’t know if they were supposed to be like that or not. It tasted like it was barely cooked. After about the second shrimp…I just couldn’t take it anymore. I ended up filling up on the awesome potato, bread, broccoli and even cabbage (and I don’t like cabbage, but this tasted different than what I have had before and did eat a few bites). When the waiter came back to check on us, I did mention the shrimp and he said “Oh my, they are not supposed to be like that. Let me go check”. I wasn’t sure what he was doing but when he returned, he brought me 3 more shrimp that were cut down the middle and cooked this time. I took a bite, and it was better, but by that time I had lost my appetite and had ate the other items and was full. My husband said his steak and potatoes were good, but those are the only items he liked (didn’t care for the cabbage or the plantain).


When our check was presented, the waiter said he did remove the price of the shrimp, which was nice (the shrimp dinner was $27.50). Another thing (this happens at a lot of the restaurants I guess) is that they add the 15% tip to your bill already. Before we headed out, we did find the other fish room and checked it out. It was pretty neat as well. Overall, it was a good experience, just wasn’t the best food (for me).


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