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We came here last time we were in Aruba and the food was absolutley amazing. I knew I had to come again. 


The place did look a little crowded, but we walked up and was instantly seated. They sat us in the exact same spot we were last time.


This time around, I ordered the same food as last time (I think) but didn't add on the "extra" helping as last time ($14.99 extra) and figured I would share with Sakari instead of getting her that extra plate. We had so much food left over last time.


The food came a little quicker than last time around. I have to say that there seemed to be a lot of fat on my ribs and it just completely turns me off when that happens. But, the hubby said his was really good, falling off the bone, and no fat. Hmmm. Sakari ate most of my chicken and said she liked it.


It is a very expensive place to eat, but you do get a lot of food. 




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