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Bright Bakery

Our Aruban friend took us here for breakfast and said it was one of the best on the islands.


We were ready to try some new and authentic Aruban food and this place did not disappoint.


Here you will find all kinds of fresh baked good and the best pastechis!


This place is very popular and the place was PACKED! You have to pull a number and we were #60 and they were only on #33! But it was well worth the wait. There are a few tables and chairs inside and also some outside, but when the place is packed like this, there's not much room.


Since the place was so packed, I wasn't able to get any pictures of the place, so to show you a few, these were taken from the web.


We tried several different kinds of pastechis and I did take a picture of them in my bag. My favorite was the cheese pastechis.


We will definitely return to this place next time we are in Aruba!

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