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Twenty 2 Gelato & Coffee

We passed this place on our way home one night from a full day of exploring and we hadn't ate since breakfast. It say hotdogs and pizza on the outside and that was all that we needed to know to stop.


On the outside, it looks like it's some type of game room and geared for the families. (It also sad video game on the outside of the building). However, once inside I did not really see any video games but did see an area that had several masks and wigs to dress up and a small play area for kids.


We ended up "trying" to order a large pizza only to find out they don't have your regular pizza but instead they make it in a CONE! Eh, we figured why not try it. It was actually very good, but not very filling and we ended up having to order more food (hotdogs & fries) so it ended up being a little expensive by the time we did that. Eating a pizza cone was like having one slice of pizza.



The food was pretty good and we enjoyed our time here and was glad we were able to find this place.



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