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This was our last full day in Aruba and I let Sakari pick what she wanted to do and that was head back to Baby Beach, since it's her favorite beach. 


It's a bit of a drive (maybe 1 hr or less depending on traffic (which today there were 2 ships in port and one was one of the mega ships) and there was some construction on the main road we used from the house we were renting.


A arrival, they approached us to rent the chairs and clam shells....for $60!!! No way was I paying that much for a few hours. I seriously don't remember spending that much last time but I guess I could have.


We picked a spot on the beach and put our things down there and even though we didn't have an umbrella to shade us, we were at the end of our trip and our skin was browned and not likely to burn this time around.


Sakari immediately headed out to the water with her mermaid tail and down the beach to locate some friends to play with.

I headed out to do some snorkeling and the hubby walked over to the side where he could watch me. 


I have to admit, this time around it was a lot harder than several days ago. The current was a lot stronger and just as I remembered it last year when we were here. Whew! It was a struggle to get "upstream".

I didn't stay out too long, I was worn out. It's nice to just float back in though.


Theme and the hubby just hung out and watched Sakari play with some friends.

We had brought food with us and decided to eat some lunch. Then after being there about 2 hours or so, Sakari decided she wanted to leave. Say what?!? My fish was wanting to leave???? In such a short period of time? This was extremely weird for her, but we went ahead and packed up and left. I did have a lot of packing to do back at the house since we were leaving the next day.

Along the road, leading from Baby Beach, you will sometimes spot wild donkeys...although wild, they are usually looking for a handout. They will approach any stopped vehicle.

The only thing we had left for lunch that Sakari didn't eat was a can of vienna sausages. I guess that would have to do!


Then once we hit the main road in San Nicholas, we would encounter wild goats...although not as friendly or approachable, but they are definitely not scared to cross the road in front of traffic

It was a great day, even though we didn't stay at Baby Beach for a long time, it's still one of Sakari's favorite beaches and we will return again.

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