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After a day of visiting the animals and hanging out at the house we were renting, we decided last minute to head over to Arashi to hang out until the sun went down. Arashi was located right down the road from our house.


When we arrived, all of the huge palapas were already taken of course. We decided to just put our towels down on the sand in front of the water and sit. There was a nice breeze and it had cooled down a little. Plus we were wet from swimming at the house and the hubby and I decided to just hang out on the beach and not swim.


Sakari was busy making some type of sand _____ down below us and she was busy at work like a little artist. We had no idea at the time what she was making and the art of building something in the sand had become a passion of hers this time around.





We were not there long before the sun started to set and it was starting to get beautiful out. We had seen some beautiful sunsets during our stay in Aruba this time and tonight would be no different (except that we witnessed it from the beach this time instead of our home). If you look closely, you'll see a few sailboats out there on a sunset cruise. They were going back and forth. There was also a lot of pelicans diving for fish.




Sakari would continue to make her sand sculpture and I would start to take some of the sunset pictures that were just starting to amaze me! The colors were WOW! It reminded me of a postcard.




During my photo session I stumbled upon this guy....



Sakari had finally finished her masterpiece in the sand...



But wait, there's more...



And more...



She had to look just like her sand sculpture. I have to say she did a great job!!!



It was now almost dark and it was time to pack up and go back to the house. It was a great night at the beach watching the sunset.





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