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We first visited Aruba in April this year and went to Arashi Beach. We thought it was beautiful! We loved Aruba so much that this is why we decided to come here for a 10 day vacation this time around instead of cruising.

This time around we knew we wanted to go up and down the coastline and hit all the beaches...including Arashi again.

This was one of the last beaches we went to that day and it was nice to return.

Arashi has an outdoor restaurant/bar to buy drinks and food. They have an outside shower for $1 and restrooms are $1 (although they've never charged my husband each time...not sure why).

You can rent chairs and umbrellas there, but beware, depending on what time you rent, you might not get much use out of them because they collect them and close up around 5-6pm (but still charge the full price without telling you when you rent them). They do have palapas spread out around the beach, but you'd have to get there early to use them...or later in the day when people start to leave. The bus does have a stop here.


In my opinion, snorkeling isn't the greatest here, but if you head left of the beach and around (you'll see the boats and pirate ships that take their tours there), you'll be able to reach the snorkeling spot. My suggestion is to go over to Boca Catalina and snorkel to the right. It's MUCH EASIER that way. Starting from Arashi, it's very very hard to enter the water over on the left hand side. The rocks stick out up out of the water in many places or it's very close to the surface and with the waves going in and out, it's hard to maneuver around and sorta dangerous. If you enter over at Boca Catalina, there's a sandy entrance, head to the right and it's fairly easy to get there. The water isn't very deep and an easy swim. Just my thoughts.



But the beautiful surroundings make up for the lack of snorkeling right at Arashi. It's a great place to hang out at for the day. It is becoming a very popular beach now that they have facilities there.



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