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We walked here from Pointe de Bout Beach because we wanted to experience both beaches while we were in port. We absolutely LOVED Pointe de Bout.


We knew that this beach was a lot bigger and people seemed to like this popular beach as well.





The beach was huge. The sand was soft and nice. But, it just didn't impress me after coming from the place we just came from.


The sun was blaring hot and there wasn't much shade. Where there was shade, people were already sitting of course.


I didn't think the beach was very crowded. At least not like I expected with 3 ships in port plus the locals and land vacationers.


We decided to walk on down the beach some. I really didn't see anyone out renting chairs in the area and absolutely no one approached us about it as we walked.


We were very thirsty and hungry. I could see a pier and thought maybe that was the place the ferries went and we should just go down there and find out and be close to that area.


We came across a building that looked like a place to eat that said "Welcome cruisers". I knew we had to be at the right place. They did have a bunch of chairs and umbrellas in front of the restaurant, so I figured we'd eat and then rent some chairs.


We went in and they seated us. Hmm, wine glasses, table clothes, cloth napkins and silverware set up in a square formation. Oh boy...I had a feeling this was not the local hamburger and fries joint.


They handed us the menus and my eyes popped out. Nothing but steaks and seafood and high prices. Not at all what we were looking for.






We tried to inconspicuously ask the waiter "do you serve burgers?" He kept a tight lip and didn't even bust out into laughter and said..."right this way"...and basically snuck us out the back door of shame (which was really the side door) and pointed in the direction across the deck and said "that's were the cheap-o's go to eat". (Just kidding of course).


Yes! We found our burgers and fries!  Pay attention to the menu.






So I place my order for the cheeseburger and fries meal and a soda. The hubby places his order while I'm asking Sakari what she wants to eat from the kids menu. I guess they actually asked the hubs what he wanted on his cheeseburger (they did not me and I assumed you had to tell them if you wanted anything on it and figured mine would come plain). He also added bacon to his sandwich.


I tell them Sakari wants the "nuggets" meal. They tell me they don't have any. So I said a cheeseburger meal then. She said they don't have it. I asked what she did have and she replied "hamburger child meal". Um ok. So, she'll have that and make it a cheeseburger. She replied "we can't do that". What do you mean you can't do that???? She said "it's against the rules to give kids the cheese". SAY WHAT??? Charge me for it. I don't care. She doesn't want a plain hamburger, she wants a cheeseburger. She went to the back to talk to someone and came back and said "we don't have cheese". So I asked if I was getting cheese with mine and she said yes. Ok, so obviously you HAVE cheese! She went to the back again and came back and said "ok, we will give her cheese". GEESH! Seriously? Over cheese? You can't slap a piece of cheese on it and charge me? Here's the thing...the cheeseburger and fries platter were EXACTLY the same thing. There was no difference in the portion or the size of the hamburger or the bun!!!


We got our drinks and sat down.






Our food came to $28. Then she said "wait I forgot charge". Then it came to $35 US. Did she just charge me $7 for cheese? I have no idea the conversion or how to read it for the charges.


When our burgers came, mine was loaded with everything. Ugh! It had tomatoes on it, which I can't stand and some type of "sauce". I had to use our paper napkins to wipe it off. ICK


The hubbys sandwich only had what he requested AND 3 pieces of completely uncooked bacon!! Seriously? He took that right back up and told them to cook it this time...and they did. Is this standard to eat raw bacon here?






We finished our meal and headed back out to the beach. At least our bellies were satisfied now.


We stood around for awhile and didn't find anyone to rent chairs from although it was obvious that people had done so. No one approached us and we did not see anyone to ask about chairs.


I did see the pier for the ferry boat though and figured we'd just put our things down on the sand and swim.


There really wasn't much here, as far as snorkeling, that I could tell. A few rocks in the water with coral and some small fishes was about the limit of things.





So what do I do? Go to my go-to place to find things...the pier! Lots of color just like the last place. They really grow the feather dusters huge here!





One thing that others on here mentioned was to look at the ferry times and then take note of when they were actually arriving each time. They are known to get off schedule some.


They seem to be running on schedule most of the day AND I noticed that there were always 2 running. One behind the other. You'd see one pull up and fill up and the other one would be sitting out a bit and waiting. Then when the first one pulled out, the next one pulled in and filled up.


Gotta watch yourself here...there was metal down there that could easily cut you.


There were a lot of kids jumping off the pier. There are ladders all around it...I guess just for those jumpers.


Sakari really wanted to try this.


Sakari tried it several times and loved it.



It was around 2pm and even though we didn't have to be back on the ship until 4:30pm, I didn't want to take any chances of having issues getting a ferry back when everyone decided to leave at the same time. Truth be known, I really wasn't enjoying this beach so it wasn't a big deal to pack up and leave for me. I also wanted to factor in the 1/2 hour walk from the port to ...well...the OTHER port. Although, I was determined to grab a cab and save our legs on the way back. I mean we walked from one port to the other, walked from the dock to the first beach, swam and snorkeled, walked from one beach to another, then walked all the way down that beach toward the pier, then swam some more...then a possible walk by to the port. legs were tired.


We packed up our things and noticed people were already starting to line up. By the time we got there, the line was all the way down the dock. Oh great.


But the ferry pulled up, people got off, people got on and it pulled away. Then up pulled the second ferry and we got on. It was about 2:50pm at the time we were making it across the water.


Here are our tickets from the day. They rip a corner piece off of it each time you ride. I wonder if that means that you could have a total of 4 rides since there's 4 corners?





It was  longer ride back than there because we were at a different beach than we went to going there. But we still had plenty of time left...but dreading the long 30 minute walk back to the port and ship.


It was a great day with 2 beaches.


If you missed my review on the first beach we went to

(Pointe de Bout), you can find it here   ------->>>>






My final thoughts on our day in Martinique!


So, you can probably guess that I was blown away by the first beach at Pointe de Bout. Absolutely loved it there from the beach, water, snorkeling, landscape and over all layout of the place! When we return...I will definitely go back there!


As for Anse Mitan Beach, I wasn't really too impressed with it. It was very beautiful with nice sand but it just wasn't what I was looking for. We couldn't find anyone to rent chairs/umbrellas from and the people at the restaurant were just rude (and if I dare say it, a rip off and they knew it).


I am glad that I can say I've been here and experienced it but it was a once only type of beach for me. I would probably never return again to this particular beach. It just wasn't my preference between the 2 we visited that day.

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