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At Amore Mio Pizzeria Napoletana you can enjoy the traditional Italian cuisine on the famous ‘strip’ in Palm Beach. A must-try is our signature dish- the authentic wood fired Neapolitan pizza, made from scratch with love and care. Yet you will find that our menu has options for any appetite: from homemade lasagna, and a fresh Rucola e Parmigiano Reggiano salad to a gluten-free crust pizza.


We headed back to the Palm Beach area for dinner. I had smelled a lovely aroma the other night and remember seeing something that said pasta. We ended up at Amore Mio for dinner. Little did I know, this was not the pasta place I had seen and they were more of a pizza place.


There was a small wait to be seated, but they did have a nice couch and area within the dining area to sit and wait and you could look over the menu.


Once we were seated, we gave them our order. I ordered the lasagna and the hubby ordered a calzone due to the size the waiter showed us of the pizza, the calzone seemed to be bigger and we were hungry. We were going to share with our daughter, who said she wasn’t real hungry and for some reason I was thinking maybe they didn’t have a kids meal??? I did ask the waiter what you get with the lasagna and he said bread. No salad or anything? Aruba is so different than the US where you order a meal and get a “meal” with salad and sides. I’m not used to this. I was going to order an appetizer of Scampi Arrostiti and when I ask how many you get, the reply was 4 pieces of shrimp. Really? Only 4 shrimps…for $14.50!! I passed.


It was a bit of a wait before our food came out and it was really busy there. I was really shocked to see the size of the slice of lasagna. Just one small piece of lasagna for $21.50. The bread they served was 2 very small slices. Oh my. I knew this was not about to fill me up and my daughter wanted half. The lasagna was good…but not $21.50 good. I’m not sure what it is with the diet coke drinks served at all the establishments…they don’t taste anything like diet coke and very watered down. It didn’t matter where we went it was like this. My husband said his calzone was good and he did share a piece with me and our daughter. My honest opinion is the food is good, just very expensive and not much of it. I would have to have some snacks after I got back to the resort that night to fill me up.






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