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Since we were out this way at Philips Animal Garden in Alto Vista, I knew I wanted to see this "famous" Chapel.

There's free parking and free admission.



The Chapel of Alto Vista, which means highest view, is one of Aruba’s most precious landmarks. Because of its high elevation and location, the Alto Vista Church is the pew for both the sunrise and the sunset exuding tranquility on its dramatic setting above the sea. The chapel was the island's first Roman Catholic Church, built in 1750 and reconstructed in 1952. It was made out of branches and wood and built for the native community. The church was used less and less and became rundown and was in ruins by 1816. In 1952, it was reconstructed and the old altar cross was sent to be restored by a sculptor. Lining the winding road to the Chapel are thirteen white crosses depicting the Via Dolorosa (Stations of the Cross). The fourteenth cross is at the east side of the small, bright yellow chapel chapel.For local Arubans especially, it is a special place for peace and contemplation.



I knew that the Alto Vista Chapel was near this attraction and I had seen a sign. Only thing is, they give you a sign somewhere in the beginning, you turn that way, then you never see another sign (even when there’s multiple turn offs along the way and dead ends). Eventually we arrived (and knew we were heading in the right direction when we started to see crosses along the road on the way).


There are several tours that take you here as one of their stops. But, it's very easy to do on your own by car.


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