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Arikok National Park is about 18 percent of all of Aruba. Within the park are several caves that have Arawak paintings on them. Some area's are somewhat paved while others are bumpy and dirt roads. Leading into the park are some paved roads, however there are huge dip in the roads, made of stone, to allow for drainage. Most small cars would have a hard time making it down in this dip and back up without dragging or scraping. It's best to rent a truck/atv/4x4.

The entrance to the park and where you pay to get in.

Wild goats roaming the park

Dips in the road (believe me, they are A LOT bigger than what they appear in the picture.

Driving along and seeing the sites along the way.

Some visitors along the way looking for a handout....wild donkeys

We had a fabulous day exploring the park and visiting some of the sites and caves. I highly recommend taking a day to come here.

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